Brief Yankee/Met Observations on Friday Games

– I go on the record as saying last season was an aberration for TOm Glavine. Maybe I was wrong. Since when does he strikeout 11 batters, and this was not exactly a beer league softball lineup. If Pedro and Glavine can dominate, and the bullpen doesn’t totally implode ala Jorge Julio…see you in October.

– Not quite exactly the fountain of youth, but Mussina continues to look good enough for what the Yanks need. Unfortunately their offense has not been. Can someone get a big hit, someone please. This first week is the epitomy of why it’s better to have a team rather than a collection of overpaid, individualists.

– Here’s a mantra I am doomed to repeat all season…When will the Yankees learn that it’s not smart to just toss money at journeyman relief pitchers to solidify the bullpen.


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