Tuesday – The "New" Mets

It sounds so cliche-ish, the old its a big game or must win situation, especially when its only April in baseball season. But this was huge for the Mets. Off to a great start, catching their nemesis for the last 15 years at their most vulnerable, at home, with their Ace on the hill. And they delivered.

Pedro can’t dominate like he used to. The high-90’s fastball and devastating change-up are things of the past, but one thing he’ll always have until they cart him off the field is the old flair for the dramatic. Not overpowering last night, he was just real solid, and given the situation, one could say great.

Some observations…Who is Chris Shelton, the next Shane Spencer or Kevin Maas that plows onto the scene one year and falls into oblivion, or is this Carlos Delgado breaking out with a huge April and making his mark as a star? One thing’s for sure, sell high if he’s on your fantasy team…How is Jeff Fassero still pitching and can a team running Fassero out there even be taken seriously?


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