Tough Week on the Diamond in the Big Apple

When the Yankees send out a starting OF of Melky Cabrera, Bubba Crosby, and an old Bernie Williams, you know its either 1990 again or there is a problem. Will they hold pat? I think they should, at least until we know more about Sheffield. Force the pitchers to step up. If they need help, give Kevin Thompson a shot from AAA, or god forbid try to play some small ball with a faster, slap hitting lineup.
Speaking of the Yanks pitching, stick a fork in Johnson. The Big Bomb is pitching like someone with around a 6 ERA. The fastball is not overpowering, the slider does not have the bite it used to, and the biggest problem is the location is not there. Sometimes players just go bad at a certain age and lose it, this could be it for RJ. I saw this coming, not that I’m always right since I thought the same thing about Pedro, but I still can’t see investing #1 starter money in a 40+ year old with some injury history and lots of innings on the arm.
In the bullpen, someone finally stopped the bleeding with Tanyan Sturtze by putting him on the DL. Aaron Small may be on his way down that path as well. Thank god for Scotty Proctor. He is the guy they needed, along with Fransworth, so that Mo Rivera does not not to come in during the 8th inning every night. Now if they could get a lefty complement…

The Mets may want to try sneaking a DH into the lineup if they intend on running Jose Lima and Jeremi Gonzalez out to the mound. This proves that you don’t trade two serviceable major league caliber starting pitchers unless you have a good amount of depth. Very rarely does any team avoid any pitching injuries. Clearly the Mets thought they had depth somewhere and threw all these names at us, but now they we’re seeing that none of the young guns are ready for the majors and they won’t go to the wild card, Aaron Heilman.


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