Are They Still Playing?

Someone at the NBA needs to explain why it takes three days to travel from Cleveland to New Jersey. Baseball teams and hockey teams do it in one day. For a league trying to generate more interest and boost its drooping ratings, the NBA sure knows how to push fans away. Did anyone even remember the Nets and Cavs were still playing by tip off on Saturday? To boot, you wait three days and put the game on at 5 PM on a beautiful spring afternoon. That will give the NHL a run for the ratings crown. Not to mention how the NBA keeps dropping the ball putting the best games on way after bedtime on the East. Learn from baseball’s mistakes. Be flexible for the fans.

On the court, I tried to watch the Nets-Cavs game last night, hoping Jersey would make this a series. I think the NBDL has better clutch performances. The fourth quarter was a battle of attrition. Every play seemed to lead to the foul line, and neither team could hit a foul shot. Tough to watch. LeBron James showed he is still not in the Kobe/Michael stratosphere, and has quite a ways to go. He could not hit a big shot or a foul shot in the last ten minutes of the game. But the capper goes to Vince Carter. Down by one, game on the line, and he dribbles the ball off his foot and out of bounds. That is something I do in the backyard. At least pass it off if you can not handle the defense. Terrible basketball. Maybe all those empty seats at the Meadowlands are more about the game, than the arena.

If you did happen to watch Saturday, and still do not think Jason Kidd is a first ballot Hall of Famer, go watch bowling.

The Suns-Spurs series has all the makings of being memorable. Unfortunately, it may be as much for the extracurricular activity as the on court performance. Unlike the Nets and Cavs, Phonix played great down the stretch. Stoudmire scored at will in the post, and Nash was fearless, firing behind the back passes with his season on the line. But the great fourth quarter comeback, after being down 11, was marred when Robert Horry delivered a WWE forearm to Steve Nash, knocking him into the scorers table. Yeah, it was one of those must foul situations where you grab the jersey. But “Big Shot” Bob delivered a different kind of shot. Hey, he learns from the best, according to the Suns. Hopefully this does not mar the series, but on the heels of the Bruce Bowen, Spurs are a dirty team comments, it just might. Again, the last thing the NBA needs.


2 Responses

  1. bron bron had a rough 4th quarter. and he is not quite the closer MJ is. but what’s the deal with comparing him to kobe? kobe has never won a SINGLE series without shaq. yes, he is a better scorer than lebron, but over the course of an entire game lebron continually gives his team a chance to win, and that is without much of a supporting cast. after this series he will be 3-1 in playoff series without playing with a single all-star player. i know he still can get better, but i don’t see why people say he is not in the league of kobe. kobe is sitting at home, so who cares how good of a “closer” he is. lebron’s team wins because he elevate his teammates for 48 minutes. yet the media seems only to focus on the games when he is cold in the fourth quarter.

  2. He simply has not single-handedly carried his team to victory in a big spot, yet. His foul shooting is sub-par, especially in big spots.

    I do agree, though, LeBron’s impact over the course of a game is high, and Kobe is at home. BUt Kobe has a track record.

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