Not So Sweet Science

Successful local sports talk radio caters to what the fans in that market want to hear. Case in point, NASCAR does not typically come up in New York, where baseball and football rule. Outside of the week leading into a big fight, which are farther and fewer between in recent years, boxing belongs on the backburner. Unfortunately, 1050 ESPN Radio did not get the memo.

How can ESPN suits allow Max Kellerman to spout about meaningless boxing matches that have about as much fan interest as his ratings depleted show, never mind the day after a Giant playoff win and the Clemens 60-minute interview? I try to look past the arrogance, try to look past the ridiculous arguments backed by crazy statistics and rhetoric, but the Kellerman/Kenny combo loses me with boxing. Not just a few plugs, but entire segments. Shows like this pop up in the middle of the night on far away channels, and on cable access, where Kellerman started and should relegate his daily boxing diatribe.

Treat the listeners with a little respect. Kellerman insults everyone’s intelligence by insisting every point that develops from his MENSA caliber mind is bulletproof, and not even acknowledge rebuttals. Then he assumes that New York fans want to hear about boxing for 20 or 30 minutes. The Benigno and Roberts combo, who have really synergized into an entertaining team, look that much better next to the mid-morning production of Boxing After Dark.

Toss in Bill James radio puppet, next to boxing aficionado, and Noble prize sports analyst, on Kellerman’s mantle. Stats do not always translate well to radio, they are more entertaining to read. Using numbers to make a point or support an argument is one thing, but who needs to listen to obscure batting stats in an attempt to prove Jason Giambi should play, for example. Watch the game, Giambi should not play, his bat is slow and he can’t field, forget his OBP, OPS, and the like. I am a baseball geek and can live on the statistical rhetoric. The general public does not want to hear it.


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