Big East Confuses Football and Basketball With Conference All-Star Selections

Basketball games are 5 on 5, football fields 11 on each side. Someone deliver the news flash to the Big East office, quick. Earlier this week, the conference selected 11 players to the All Big East First team for basketball, severely diminishing the award. Yes, they have 16 teams in the conference, but Division 1 has 341 teams and finds a way to pick five All-Americans for the first team, the NBA does the same with 30 teams, why can’t the Big East. Between the first steam, second team, and honorable mentions, they can field two full teams for a conference All-Star game.

While the intent is to reward the many great players in the conference, the Big East instead diminishes the value of earning first team honors. Four players were unanimous selections, add Sam Young or Joe Alexander to that group there is the first team. The rest of the crew makes up the second team. Same with the freshmen, four unanimous pick, put one more in the mix and thats the real first team.

By expanding the field, the Big East makes a mockery of conference All-Star selections, similar to earning a playoff berth in the NBA or NHL.


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