O’Neill Strikes Out in YES Booth

Of the small army of Yankee analysts YES network employs, Paul O’Neill proved he deserves a spot at the end of the depth chart. Paired with play-by-play man Michael Kay in a two man booth during the Yanks opening series with Toronto, O’Neill lacked the commanding, confident voice of successful analysts. In fact, his monotone diatribes turned the broadcast into a snoozefest. His knowledge of the game is unquestionable, and analysts that can speak from a wealth of experience, as O’Neill can, bring a lot to the table, but he lacks the on-air presence to engage the audience.

To make matters worse, Kay, as he is prone to do, spends too much time bowing at the feet of O’Neill, continually alluding back to his playing career. Yankee fans love O’Neill, his contributions to the recent championships still fresh in most minds, we don’t need to reminded during the entire broadcast just how great O’Neill was.

Without a third person in the booth to take the weight off of O’Neill his weaknesses shined through. Not as witty as Ken Singleton, unable to break down the game the same way John Flaherty, an star analyst in the making, and without the experience and broadcast savvy of a Bobby Murcer. O’Neill simply does not have the personality to succeed as an analyst. Never outspoken, without a noted sense of humor, O’Neill would contribute better with an occasional studio appearance and in a 3-man booth helped with an upper echelon analyst.

YES already loses points for its inconsistent broadcast team, chopping some of the fat won’t hurt. Take a lesson from across town – find a solid 3-man team and stick with it all season.


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  1. I heard him as well Vince Scully he is not

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