Celebrate Knicks Fan Appreciation Day

Madison Square Garden and the New York Knicks appreciating fans, an oxymoron if I ever heard one. How does anything Dolan can stage on one measly night make-up for destroying the franchise, subjecting good, loyal fans to a dysfunctional product on the court and off? Free food for everyone is a good start, but if Dolan really wants to give back to the fans on Fan Appreciation Day he should hold a live press conference at mid-court of MSG to announce the firing of Isiah Thomas.

Obviously that’s a bit over the top, though if anyone deserves the public ridicule it’s Thomas who continue to spew hallucinating comments about making the Knicks a playoff team and how the franchise has failed for 30 years. Why not Monday? Two games left, let Herb WIlliams serve as interim coach and give the fans reason for hope and celebration.

On a serious not, those who do persevere another Knick game on Monday, against top seed Boston, do get treated to free food and non-alcoholic beverages. A great gesture by Garden, another way of giving a refund without handing back money.


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  1. is all food free??

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