Green Bay Offer In-Line With Other Public Companies

Green Bay’s $20 million offer to Brett Favre not to play football anymore is the talk of the NFL, spurring numerous jokes about how much people would command to no longer work. However, the Green Bay offer is not dissimilar to what most top companies do all the time. It’s called severance.

New York for one operates using employment at will, so employees can be fired at any time for almost any reason. Yet most of the time when a company dismisses an executive, he walks out with several weeks pay, occassionally a lump-sum payment, and benefits. The employee is essentially paid to go away.

It’s exactly what Green Bay is offering to Favre, a severance package. Take $20 million, and don’t come back. Don’t criticize the team because its common in business. In sports terms, instead of signing a new free-agent the Pack are blocking a player from joining the competition, almost as important a tactic.


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