Perfect Storm Damages PGA Tour

When Tiger Woods announced he was done for the season after an historic US Open performance, all eyes were on golf to see if any eyes would watch without Tiger. Greg Norman helped boost generate some interest at the British Open, yet SUnday ratings still tumbled 15% without Woods.

Back in the States, the final major of 2008, the PGA Championship, already fourth of four in terms of noterity and history was already facing an uphill battle without Woods. How about this for timing: the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics falls right smack in the middle of the tournament, Brett Favre gets traded on the eve of the opening round, and bad weather prevents the leaders from even teeing off in the third round. Bad things come in threes, well that’s three knockout punches for the weakest golf major.

Golf needs to generate interest outside of Tiger, something they have failed to do this decade, however this weekend there is impossible to guard against. The Summer Olympics is once every four years, and is not always the same weeks of the summer, never mind an Olympics with as much anticipation as Bejing has generated, mostly for non-sports reasons. Plus, the Favre story took over the headlines and reached a peak at the wrong time for golf. They could not have prepared for this perfect storm – except to have people care about the players in contention, and without Tiger there, few do.


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